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In this post, we will discuss wedding planners’ salary in Australia. We will discuss the average hourly rate for wedding planners and wedding coordinators and their yearly wage- based location, city, and experience. There are also several other ways that wedding planners earn a living- through self-employment. In this article, we will list the common ways wedding planners structure their wedding packages and how they get paid.


“Watch The Video Above To Discover The Average Wedding Planners Salary In Australia”

As a wedding professional and course director of ‘The Wedding Planner Institute’ , I get a lot of budding wedding planners to ask me about the potential salary you can earn as a Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator. So in the video above, I have given you a break down of potential salary being employed by a wedding venue, as well as if you were self-employed, working with your own independent clients.

Wedding Coordinator Salary At A Wedding Venue

The common salary of a full time wedding coordinator at a  larger wedding venue is around $60,000  per year.  This all depends on the size of the wedding venue, and the amount of weddings they have each year.  The more responsibility you have as a wedding coordinator, and the more weddings you are looking after, the higher the salary.  If you are at a smaller venue or work in a country town,  your salary may be calculated at an hourly rate.  Hourly rates as an employee can be from $25 – $35 per hour depending on experience.

Larger wedding venues where there are multiple weddings per week that require a whole team to run the events may require a Weddings and Events Team Manager.  This would attract a higher salary of around $80,000 +.

Yearly salary can also depend on the state that you live in, and city vs smaller town.

As a Wedding Coordinator at a Wedding Venue

Average Salary Metro City:  $60,000

( For example:  Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth )

Average Salary Smaller City:  $45,000- $55,000

( For example:  Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hobart, Mackay, Townsville, New Castle, Darwin.)

Average Wedding / Events Manager Salary:   $80,000

Independent Wedding Planner Salary 

 If you are self employed in the wedding industry working as a wedding planner, your  salary would be based on the amount of clients you have, and your average invoice per client.  


Here are three main ways wedding planners charge:

1. As a percentage of the wedding budget

2. Commissions and referral fees from other wedding suppliers

3. Set package prices with set rates and responsibilities.

If the wedding planner is working for a percentage of the wedding budget, the most common percentage is 10%. So if the overall wedding budget was $35,000 the wedding planner fee would be $3,500.

Wedding planners can add to their potential income by referral commissions. Some wedding suppliers may agree to lower their prices for some wedding planners, giving the bride a better price, and also allowing the wedding planner to earn a referral fee. Wedding suppliers will do this in order to get regular work with the wedding planner. It also saves the supplier time in client meetings, as the wedding planner will be liasing most of the details.

Another popular way wedding planners charge is through their own packaged pricing system. Wedding planners will create their own ‘packaged service’ with a list of services they will provide and responsibilities for a set price. This makes it clear to the bride what they will get from the wedding planning service within a set budget. The Wedding Planner Institute teaches budding wedding planners how to put together their own wedding packages in their Wedding Business Course.

The starting prices of most wedding packages can be from around $990 for on the day wedding coordination service, to $3,500 upwards, depending on the amount of time the wedding planner will spend planning and her responsibility.

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