Who Really Books a Wedding Planner?

As a very successful business owner in the wedding industry, I get asked a lot by people if there really is a market for ‘Wedding Planners’ in Australia.

Don’t Brides in Australia Plan Their Own Wedding?

Because of the movie ‘ The Wedding Planner’ with J-Lo, a lot of people think that wedding planners are just an American thing.  I mean don’t the majority of brides here in Australia plan their own wedding?  Why would they need a wedding planner then.

Why Brides Book a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator or Wedding Consultant?

The reality is that there are a lot of brides out there that need the specialised help of a wedding professional to help make their dream wedding day come true

After all they probably have dreamt about this day their whole entire life.  They want it to be special. They want it to be memorable.  They want it to be personal and amazing!  You can see why they would engage a specialist to help them ensure that their dream day becomes a reality.

Weddings Can Be Overwhelming Which Is Why a Wedding Planner Can Be Worth Her Weight in Gold!

Another reason why brides book a wedding planner is that they can find it really overwhelming to find the right suppliers, venues and services.

There are  so many  venues, photographers, florists etc out there!   Questions that a lot of brides have when planning their wedding:

  • Where can I find a unique wedding venue that isn’t a stock standard hotel ball room?
  • How do I choose a supplier? How  will I know if they are trustworthy and will be able to deliver?
  • Am I paying too much? How do I know that the supplier isn’t ripping me off?
  • How can I get more out of my budget? Everything is adding up!

These questions are the reasons why a bride will engage a wedding planner or wedding consultant to ensure that they get the most from their budget, and the best suppliers out there that can deliver a beautiful product or service on the day.

The five different types of wedding clients that book Wedding Planners.

The last one might suprise you but hang on in there with me, I explain why in the  last minute of this video!

I hope that you find this useful! Have you found a different type of client that has booked a wedding planning service? Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear about it!